Productos Naturales established in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico


Inspired by disciplines that enhance and strengthen the human development; the concept of the Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian cuisine was introduced by El Nuevo Sol to Nuevo Laredo in northern Mexico over 30 years ago. Now, in the US as El Quinto Sol, we bring the best quality ingredients and service to our customers providing them with our main ingredient, LOVE.

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Searching for solutions to health related issues,  Juan and Finita Sanchez  introduced themselves to the concept of a diet without meat. It was a difficult process due to the lack of knowledge and resources available, but they remain strong and faithful to their health and believes. Everything started at the Sanchez house kitchen, Finita prepared various vegetarian recipes and inventions and Juan tasted them all and enjoyed the discovery of new flavors and a new way of living and enjoying food. 

Since, by changing eating habits Finita recuperated her health, she felt the need to share her cuisine with the community